The organism of animals such as human beings, to stay healthy, needs to maintain a state of acid-basic equilibrium, so as not to run into diseases. Diseases, in fact, could be caused by the alterations of the PH, when it tends towards the acidity. The pathologies, therefore, on the basis of this principle, would occur following the intake of foods that have an acivifying action.

This is why it is very important to know what these foods are, so that we can limit them and keep our body in a balanced and healthy condition. The presence of an acidic pH in the tissues means that there is an accumulation of acidic toxins and possibly a loss of basic elements such as calcium and sodium may have occurred.

Acidification of tissues is one of the causes of many diseases such as obesity or chronic or degenerative diseases.

An acidic environment also reduces the efficiency of the immune system and promotes cellular ageing. Alkalinity promotes bacterial proliferation, while acidity contrasts it. A health situation sees the blood in basic-alkalic equilibrium.

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