Premixes and complementary feeds for livestock manufacturers
Danilo and Ivano Vanzetto. The founders


In 1984, Tecnozoo was founded in Northeastern Italy

Italian leading company, specialized in production of supplements', research and development of problem-solving products livestock for animal nutrition and health.


The brilliant idea of developing the company came from Danilo Vanzetto, while he was working with his younger brother Ivano in the family calves rearing.


The future entrepreneur proposes his brother to set up a plant of specific supplements, able to solve common problems that even best farms are forced to face.


Tecnozoo products include: Complementary vitamin and mineral feed,probiotics, special feed and veterinary specialities. The entire production procedure is carefully controlled down to the very last detail:
• the study of its fundamental components, carried out by veterinary surgeons and pharmacists in close collaboration with the technicians at the farm day-in, day-out;
• production, thanks to the help of precision instruments, machinery and highly specialized staff;
• quality control on all production;
• the market of the finished product, thanks to the attention of the nutritionists, who, in close collaboration with the farmers, search for the best possible solutions to meet all farming needs.


This enables us to offer the customer high added value, not only in the products themselves but also in a providing range of services and supplementary indications that are more essential today than ever before in improving production efficiency and farm profits.
On the strength of these successes, Tecnozoo has included not only production in its certification, but also technical assistance to farms. Complementary vitamin and mineral feed

All About Us

We can tell you a lot about us, but we will focus on this: italian heart, global mind. With over 30 Countries served all around the World, Tecnozoo is probably the Number 1 Feeding Solutions Company in Italy for all the species.

Tecnozoo was born in 1984 combining a family passion for dairy farming and agriculture with enterprise issues in Piombino Dese, near Padua, Italy

During the years the company grew up expanding its range products also to pets and horses.

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