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January 24, 2017
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Zincotris P

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Diet mineral feed for the regeneration of hooves, legs and skin for cattle, swine, ovine and caprine animals and horses. Zincotris is a diet mineral feed that contains a source of zinc, chelated with methionine that facilitates its assimilation and it contributes with the iodine and biotin substances to stabilise and/or to improve the epithelial tissue of the skin and skin disorders (hoof, udder).

Warning: Use the product up to a maximum of 8 weeks.

To download the product information sheet or for a quotation, please send an email to service@tecnozoo.it or call (+39) 049-9350743.

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: ZINCOTRIS P should be added and carefully mixed as 250 g for every 100 kg of complete feed for the first 10 days of treatment, followed by 150 g for a further 20 days in order to ensure the following daily supplies per head:

Dairy cows: 60 g for 15 days then 40 g for 20 days; Fattening cattle: 30 g for 15 days then 20 g for 20 days; Sheep and goats: 6 g for 15 days then 4 g for 20 days; Reproductive Pigs: 12 g for 15 days then 5 g for 20 days; Poultry prior to butchering: 100-150/100 kg of feed for 10-15 days.

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  1. Giuseppe

    The best product tested..

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