Tecnovit Aminocomplex Multivitaminico
Tecnovit Aminocomplex
January 26, 2017
TRIACID BLU avicoli acidificanti
Triacid Blu
January 27, 2017
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Dehorning paste specific for calves, lambs and kids.

To download the product information sheet or for a quotation, please send an email to service@tecnozoo.it or call (+39) 049-9350743.

– Identify the horn bud (in calves 4-6 days old, it can be felt as a small swelling under the skin in the region of the horns).
– Immobilise the calf.
– Use scissors to cut the skin near the bud and the surrounding area.
– Apply a layer of BOVI DEHORNING PASTE using a wooden spatula or finger protected by a suitable glove, creating a patch on top of the point where the horn appears.
– Wait 30-40 seconds to allow the paste to penetrate deep-down. No further treatment is necessary; dehorning is complete.
– Keep treated animals away from the others for about 6 hours. Do not treat animals outside if it is raining (the product may run into the animal’s eyes, damaging them).


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